Apple after their first ever press conference around a product, sounded like accepting a mistake but not accepting responsibility. What tipped the milk over was Steve Job’s comments towards the press to cut him some slack.

“I look at this whole ‘Antennagate’ thing and say ‘wow.’ Apple’s been around for 34 years, haven’t we earned the credibility and trust from some of the press to give us a little bit of the benefit of the doubt?”

Well they were nice during apples hay days so why should they not do their job when apples screws up!

Stev Jobs ruled out product recalls, which I think will come back to bite them. Customers tend to be irrational in making decisions and this episode will be forgotten in a few months, but an unpleasant and painful experience will always be remembered and I hope Apple does not let the “Antenna” problem escalate to sour customer experience.

Jobs’s argument that the problem exists in every smart phone is like accepting iPhones are no different than any other normal phone.
This whole episode casts a shadow of irresponsibility from Appl’s side and question their core principle of selling the experience not the product.

A product recall or a monetary compensation from Apple,  instead of the free “cover“, would have improved Apple’s image as a customer concious and responsible company.
I am not an apple basher if any I am hypnotised by apple products. But I am forced to compare Apple and my experience with Canon in the recent past, when my loyalty was reinstated with canon after they repaired my S2IS for free and acknowldged a fault at poductoin. A letter attached to the repaired camera was all it took to bring confidence back in Canon.