Google is changing its policy on untiered internet after this.

Is this a change towards making convenience of business for future, when google brings its own hand/palm held devices in to the market? Verizon recently won the bid for the wireless bandwidth spectrum and is key for future quad band and large scale wireless tech and google can cash in on this when they launch their own brand of hardware. If this 2 tier internet, software or piped, is implemented it could mean days of social segregation for rich and poor will apply to the internet!

Google-Verizon can be thought of as a horizontal integration.  Verizon and Google are in a comfort partnership since Verizon started offering google branded cell phones that use their android operating system. Today’s announcement, though only a joint Guideline filing with the FCC is an obvious signal to the rival players that google is planning in advance to join the “pay-for-your-bytes” business.

Certainly good for paying customers who will now get fast reliable internet on devices that uses large chunk of the bandwidth, hang on a minute.. don’t we get that for free already!

This will impact upcoming markets in less richer countries, where people are not yet ready to pay that extra$/byte.