Google today announced Google Inc has agreed to acquire Motorola Mobility for a cool 12.5 Billion $ in cash.

Rolling the ball hard into Apple Inc’s courts and this time the ball is on fire. It will be interesting to see how Steve jobs and his team respond with their cash enriched (overflowing) pot of 75 billion. It is time Apple use

this money to stay in the game. I doubt it will be long before we hear news of more acquisitions form the other side of the pond.

Emerging technology, especially communication and wireless patents have been hot spot for turf wars on who own what and how much. Motorola truly is a treasure chest of patents Google can now devour to its fill. Years of experience and technology investments is an advantage that come with Motorola.

Google has sent clear signals to the market on the future of Andriod operating system. Apple and the other players like RIM, Nokia and Microsoft now has to make their move to keep the game in a balance. Hope it is not too late for the tipping point.