Die Net Neutrality Die

Google is changing its policy on untiered internet after this.

Is this a change towards making convenience of business for future, when google brings its own hand/palm held devices in to the market? Verizon recently won the bid for the wireless bandwidth spectrum and is key for future quad band and large scale wireless tech and google can cash in on this when they launch their own brand of hardware. If this 2 tier internet, software or piped, is implemented it could mean days of social segregation for rich and poor will apply to the internet!

Google-Verizon can be thought of as a horizontal integration.  Verizon and Google are in a comfort partnership since Verizon started offering google branded cell phones that use their android operating system. Today’s announcement, though only a joint Guideline filing with the FCC is an obvious signal to the rival players that google is planning in advance to join the “pay-for-your-bytes” business.

Certainly good for paying customers who will now get fast reliable internet on devices that uses large chunk of the bandwidth, hang on a minute.. don’t we get that for free already!

This will impact upcoming markets in less richer countries, where people are not yet ready to pay that extra$/byte.


Google earth is watching you

Audio alerts when google collects your data while browsing,
now this should give you a sense of how much money we are making for google.

Like the hobo on the street told me “google earth is watching you….” how the hell does he know about google earth!

The recent inroads google is making into next generation internet devices is only going to make things easier for the Giant. They might have lost on the wireless spectrum auction in the recent past but Verizon winning the bid was anyways a win -win for google. Now Verizon has to allow android devices to use the bandwidth for free and cannot be tied down to ‘a’ subscriber..*suckers*

Shut up and Sell

Every time you sit through a sales kick-off
or a sales presentation there comes a time when you have made up your mind and wished the person holding the pointer and presentation controller just shuts up.
Pondering through the various stages of a selling I wanted to mention the bit where you close the deal. Be that in the comforts of an air conditioned room somewhere in the upcoming new markets of China or besides the warm of a fire place in Alaska sipping your whisky and wine or even on the streets of pondy-bazaar hawkers in Chennai. Ideas from Christine Comaford on selling were interesting.

She talks about the concept of “quota busting” that prevents you from pushing customers to making a decision. If they buy it or not this method should be beneficial for both you and your customer. The transactional costs involved in you making the pitch can be valued as knowledge gained, if the customer choose not to buy. There will be long term gains to be made from the same customer depending on how good you r sales pitch was. If they choose to buy then the value gained needs no explanation.

Christine explains 3 main reasons for someone to buy :

  • Save money
  • Make money
  • Reduce pain and frustrations.

Every product probably does all this but when selling it to your customer always talk about why the customer want to buy. Present products or services in such a way that it explains what the customer wants, and avoids speaking about everything your product does; it will not interest the customer.

This probably is no new mantra in the world of selling but her concept of “shutting up” at the right time was interesting. The bit where you tell you customer what they want to know and then you shut up, it might take 5 minutes or 30 minutes of annoying and intolerable silence but that is customer time and you should not make a noise. Personally I like to think when I am making decision and that stands true for anybody else.

I tried this on my wife last week when I wanted to buy the new xBox Kinetic, and unlike the last few pitches with my toughest customer, this one went well with no broken glasses.

I don’t get to do any formal sales pitches at work but I am going to use this in most of my selling from now on.

Gimme a break

Apple after their first ever press conference around a product, sounded like accepting a mistake but not accepting responsibility. What tipped the milk over was Steve Job’s comments towards the press to cut him some slack.

“I look at this whole ‘Antennagate’ thing and say ‘wow.’ Apple’s been around for 34 years, haven’t we earned the credibility and trust from some of the press to give us a little bit of the benefit of the doubt?”

Well they were nice during apples hay days so why should they not do their job when apples screws up!

Stev Jobs ruled out product recalls, which I think will come back to bite them. Customers tend to be irrational in making decisions and this episode will be forgotten in a few months, but an unpleasant and painful experience will always be remembered and I hope Apple does not let the “Antenna” problem escalate to sour customer experience.

Jobs’s argument that the problem exists in every smart phone is like accepting iPhones are no different than any other normal phone.
This whole episode casts a shadow of irresponsibility from Appl’s side and question their core principle of selling the experience not the product.

A product recall or a monetary compensation from Apple,  instead of the free “cover“, would have improved Apple’s image as a customer concious and responsible company.
I am not an apple basher if any I am hypnotised by apple products. But I am forced to compare Apple and my experience with Canon in the recent past, when my loyalty was reinstated with canon after they repaired my S2IS for free and acknowldged a fault at poductoin. A letter attached to the repaired camera was all it took to bring confidence back in Canon.

RSA animate and “surprise”

It was time to renew my membership and the decision had been made, but the magic of anything moving and cartoon made me rethink. RSA animate is one of those incredible and creative ideas that brings “fun” back into death-by-power-point.

The bread crumb that lead to this was when crisis struck at work and a conflict of interests and leadership was questioned; I turned my attention to the ever-present web to ask questions and be asked. What I found was this presentation by Dan Pink on “surprising” motivation that explained clearly what I was going through and was very pleased to know that this was normal.

Global malayalee

The title to this blog was intended to cite a famous malayalee dish, only to be told the correct spelling “Aviyal” is already taken. The “aviyal” site at wordpress seem to be dormant for over 2 years now, so why the fuss.

I dont mind the way “aWiyal” spells especially when the dish is mispronouced or not, depending on which part of Kerala you come from.