35$ OLPC Laptop coming soon

When Indian’s HRDM and Mr Sibal announced their plans for the 35$ laptop, back in 2009, I have been keeping a keen eye on OLPC and the possible launch of their promised touchpad this year. Nicholas Negroponte’s letter to Kapil Simbal is OLPC’s testimony to this commitment and vision.

XO-3 Concept: reading horizontally

Technology and the early introduction is key to any child’s development. Meeting this requirement through an inexpensive and beautiful device is now possible and the 35$ dream might not be so far away after all.



Open Source : Education

Found this brilliant and useful compilation of free and open-source education websites on Reddit.

I have always wondered of starting a school in my home town Cochin, India that breaks the existing education regime and mould, after all education should be imparted and not forced upon especially after listening to Sir Ken Robinson at RSA-animate.

Power of the Pentatonic scales.

I didn’t know that the pentatonic scales were so embedded into our brains that it has now become too obvious to all of us. I must confess, I went on the high note when bobby moved to his left, at 00:28, even without mentioning the note.

Misses and slips in modern technology.

John Naughton presented this keynote at the Association of Learning Technology . As a management student and my curiosity for the ever growing social/cultural influencing technological advancements, this talk made absolute sense and reiterated by belief that, being vigilant and thinking out-of-the-box to understand deep seated human needs and primitive urges that can can be transformed to customer requirements, ROI’s and USP’s is a must for any successful business.

Corporate social media: A myth or reality

Knowledge sharing never hurts, the wise man once said, but does this apply to a corporate environment? The closest a CIO can come to justifying buying a stupidly expensive social media for work-place would be to state the usefulness of using it as a knowledge sharing tool and the prospective intangible assets gathered during the process. Assets like cumulative knowledge, information sharing and time/cost savings and many more. But how many companies can claim having achieved all this by letting their employees login and update their status to “the new coffee machine is awesome”? Success of Facebook, orkut, G+ and the likes will have to be the openness and freedom to do whatever whenever wherever. An office will have its restrictions, however ‘cool’ the culture is. When you have a mix of different cultures, interests and responsibilities in a business the boundaries of coolness start to disappear and bright fluorescent bold lines of policies and corporate correctness start to emerge. All such differences could eventually lead to a high profile law suit or damage the company brand or reputation, neither of this any big organisations wants to encourage.

The ideal case for a free flowing collaboration of ideas and thoughts would be to take “management” out of “knowledge management” and implement social media sites and software in a corporate environment where the ability to multitask coupled with openness to collaborate would mean employees become more comfortable with the idea of collective effort and ease of information. The term “Management” always adds a dimension of control and process, kryptonite for any social successes and free exchange of ideas. I know many people disagree with that statement but I base my statement on qualitative data for successful projects like kickstarter and facebook.

I have seen many knowledge management implementations get luke warm reception from its end users and eventually die a painful and expensive death. Not for reason of failure in software or the implementation, but in the fact that elements of “Human” was never included in the project plan. Element of how to sell the idea of your everyday conversations around the coffee machine or local watering hole can be a treasure trove for others in the company.

Your Move …. Apple

Google today announced Google Inc has agreed to acquire Motorola Mobility for a cool 12.5 Billion $ in cash.

Rolling the ball hard into Apple Inc’s courts and this time the ball is on fire. It will be interesting to see how Steve jobs and his team respond with their cash enriched (overflowing) pot of 75 billion. It is time Apple use

this money to stay in the game. I doubt it will be long before we hear news of more acquisitions form the other side of the pond.

Emerging technology, especially communication and wireless patents have been hot spot for turf wars on who own what and how much. Motorola truly is a treasure chest of patents Google can now devour to its fill. Years of experience and technology investments is an advantage that come with Motorola.

Google has sent clear signals to the market on the future of Andriod operating system. Apple and the other players like RIM, Nokia and Microsoft now has to make their move to keep the game in a balance. Hope it is not too late for the tipping point.

Dawn of the Dividends

ITV today announced an expected than higher dividend this year after withholding
it since 2008. What was more interesting was the cut in its total debt by 72 % from 188 to 52 million. Considering future revenues from world cup advertisements and its popular shows like the x-Factor; ITV has positioned itself into a strategic advantage where profits can be used as a cushion in case an opportunity arise to buy out other frail broadcasters.